Propel Orthodontics in Woodbury

Obtaining a stunning smile in less time is a win-win. The Propel system accomplishes just that in a revolutionary way through stimulation of bone restructuring in a quicker, more efficient way than some other techniques in orthodontics.

It is a fact that a beautiful smile is an asset in a person’s life and can provide much needed self-confidence. If you would like to learn more about the use of the Propel system for your new smile, contact us today.


What Is Propel?

Propel is a means to promote bone growth in the upper and lower jaw and is used in combination with orthodontic treatment like braces or Invisalign. It is a safe, minimally intrusive way to accelerate bone stimulation through micro osteo-perforations. The perforations help to make the jaw more malleable for a more accurate, faster tooth movement.

To determine proper placement of the perforations, orthodontic x-rays will be used. The purpose of the micro osteo-perforations is to assist in the flow of blood to a specific section which in turn boosts bone and tissue regrowth and bone strengthening. A local anesthetic will be used and the process takes only a few minutes.

Teens or young adults whose bone growth is still active have greater success with this procedure.

 How Does It Work?

A process known as Alveocentesis is employed with the Propel system, triggering alveolar bone growth in the upper and lower jaw (also known as the maxilla and mandible). The alveolar bone is the bone that encompasses teeth and Alveocentesis allows it to better adjust to the movement of teeth. Because this procedure is used in conjunction with other orthodontic treatment, the teeth will shift more quickly.

Because many adults were unable to correct serious malocclusions previously, they are choosing the Propel system more frequently. Patients should keep in mind that this type of procedure will require a longer healing time because their bone growth is no longer active.

Benefits of the Propel System

     1. Enhances orthodontic treatment
     2. Decreased treatment time
     3. Painless, minimally intrusive and safe
     4. Contributes to better overall and dental health
     5. Effective for adults or young people

Woodbury, MN

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