Soft Tissue Laser Treatment in Woodbury

Treatment of orthodontic problems using lasers is becoming more commonplace in this industry. Our experienced orthodontists at Woodbury Ortho Clinic use Soft Tissue Laser Treatment to correct or adjust extra gum tissue in situations where it results in the appearance of teeth being too small or too large.

The benefits of using lasers in this treatment include quicker recovery, less bleeding and swelling and less likelihood of infection.

Come in or contact us if you are experiencing issues that may benefit from our Soft Tissue Laser Treatment.


What is Soft Tissue Laser Treatment?

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment is an innovative solution for treatment of gum issues. It provides greater precision and accuracy for “sculpting” gums around your teeth, providing a more aesthetically pleasing look. The use of lasers means greater comfort, less pain and reduced time for treatment.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment uses lasers for the re-contouring or removal of gum tissue. No numbing injection is used, so the patient experiences less pain, nerve endings are sealed and little bleeding will be present. With this treatment, you will heal faster, experience less inflammation and the process itself will be more comfortable. The greatest benefit is the beautiful, more symmetrical smile you will obtain.

The problem of impacted teeth can also be resolved with Soft Tissue Laser Treatment. Impacted teeth commonly cause infection and sometimes misalignments of teeth. Lasers can provide a way for the teeth to grow safely into the mouth. Once the teeth have come in, the teeth will likely require corrective alignment.

Woodbury, MN

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